The three T’s to musical competence.

The 3 T’s to musical competence. 

or how to learn guitar fast!
This image came to me last night, not sure if I was awake or asleep but I had to draw this figure. I will call it the 3 T’s to musical competence.
If I could really nail down three pillars of musical study that would augment your musical growth exponentially this diagram would represent it perfectly.
Listen and work out melodies that strengthen the ear. Pitch recognition and phrasing exposes the linguistics and semantics of the genre you are tackling.
A place on which to hang your discoveries within that particular genre.
Keys, cadences, modes, harmonies, etc.
Delivery of the sound, tone, dynamic, nuance, shade, articulation.
A means to an end.
By following this is a circular fashion, applying equal measure to each point of the triangle you can only succeed.
Learning is a natural occurrence, it just needs to be balanced, directed and focussed.
I hope this helps someone today.
Have a blessed and most musical day.

Skype Lessons

Skype Lessons

(WhatsApp or FaceTime is fine too)

Online Skype lessons can be just as much fun and as rewarding. Having an experience guitar mentor watching you play is the key ingredient here, as well as the ability to ask questions.

The human element of online lessons is essential. Touching base, chatting, learning and laughing. This is all part of the experience.

To arrange your Skype Lesson contact me either by phone or using the contact form below.

It would be a real pleasure to work with with you.

Before the lesson commences please see checklist below.

  1. Choose Rate
  2. Contact myself either via phone or by using the contact form below to arrange and confirm a time.
  3. Ensure payment is made to Mike de Velta Professional Guitar Tuition for the correct amount via PayID through your bank account using my phone number 0415108230 as my ID or Bank details


    ANZ BSB 016725

    Acc 560 444 515

  4. Make sure your have a solid connection with audio and video ready go at least 15min prior the lesson.
  5. Have your guitar tuned and seat yourself in a well lit area so we can improve the quality of the video feed.
  6. Skype  name – Mike de Velta

So how do you get good at playing guitar quickly?

So how do you get good at playing guitar quickly?

So how do you get so good so quick? Rifting a pentatonic scale everyday won’t! Endless noodling on the guitar won’t! Repeating what you know over and over won’t!

Music is a language and like a language we need a vocabulary.I transcribe everyday to work out new tunes. Import a song, slow it down, loop sections and ‘work stuff out!”. The very act of working songs out using the ear is the key to developing musical literacy and ‘relative pitch’ All the greatest players echo the same wisdom. If you need a tab or score, fine, refer to it but it is the internalisation of musical phrases that develops that wonderful almost magical neuroplasticity that occurs within the brain and enables us to sprout even more new ideas and permutations. After all music is patterns right? The more patterns we learn the more apt we are at creating new ones.

Every new idea, lick or phrase sets up a wonderful far reaching domino effect within the mind of the musician. Feed it with excellent music, listen deeply, over and over. Work on tunes, slowly, patiently and methodically and the fruit shall return to you. It is simple cause and effect. How can you not improve? Learning is a natural occurrence, no effort needed other than presenting ourselves each and every day with a system that works.