Who Am I?

Born in 1967, I have been a musician my whole life. It is my way of living, ever evolving, ever exploring.

Working with people is really the  highlight to my life. To see my fellow students grow into the joy of music is an inexpilcable reward of which I am ever grateful.

Like a soundtrack to my own life I reflect on so many wonderful occassions. Songs written, venues performed, people I have met. I am ever so grateful for what music has given me.

Weaving like a tapestry through the joys that life can bring but also it’s many sorrows. Music, like medicine is my prayer. What I cannot say in words can be released through infinite vibration in soundscapes that emerge from the heart. Subtle nuances flexed with the fingers upon a string ivoking subtle emotions so much more refined than any word could bring.

This is what it means to be a musician. To express the ineffable. To communicate the heart of one man to another. Or one man unto God.

Thank you for joining me on my journey. You are most welcome


  • Bridgetown Blues Festival (2003), (2004), (2005) (2012)
  • Invited to play at Live en Aout (Jazz Festival) Noumea, New
  • Caledonia, National TV, Live to air and interviews.(2006)
  • Nannup Folk Festival (2007)(2010)
  • Included in the WAMI compilation CD (2006)
  • Araleun Blues in the Park (2007)
  • Westcoast Blues And Roots Fringe Festival (2007), (2008)
  • Fairbridge Folk Festival (2008)
  • Tracks from the album, “On a Backdrop of Silence” included in ABC documentary for Stateline
  • Played on ABC Radio “The Planet”.
  • Featured artist on BAR 1 CD (Blues and Roots Promotions CD)
  • Played Live in the studio on Perth’s ABC 720 with James Lush’s Breakfast Show (2008) (2011)
  • Included in the Perth Blues Club’s annual Festival of the Fret with Lindsay Wells, Gerard Maunik, and Mal Eastwick.(2008)
  • Played “Yanchep Blues in the Park 2009” with Bondi Cigars, Indigo Duck, Diamond Dave and the Doo Daddies and more..
  • Supported Deborah Conway, Kevin Borich, Lucky Oceans, Nathan Cavalieri, Vdelli, The Ragabillys, Blue Shaddy, Bondi Cigars, Dave Mann Collective, Ivan Zar, Derrin Nuaendorf, Wolf Mail, The Waifs, Lindsay Wells, Gerard Maunick, Mal Eastick, Lapjaccd, Bonjah, Doc Neeson, Ian Moss, Jeff Lang, John Butler.
  • Included on the Guitar Gods website as highly regarded WA guitar player and musician.
  • Awarded “Blues Artist of the Year 2011” by Global Thunda Network
  • “Whiskey in the Mornin'” reached number 6 On the Australian Blues and Roots Airplay Charts for Dec 2011
  • CD Reviewed by prominent UK/International Magazine, Blues Matters. N064 2012
  • 2015 “Bring it On Hard” 3rd highest ordered track for airplay by regional community broadcasters from the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap)”
  • 2015 “Press On!” Reaches Number 5 in the the Australian Blues and Roots Charts.