For adults & children, beginner to advanced, enjoy one one-on-one guitar tuition in a friendly, courteous and encouraging environment. Having produced 5 albums and playing for live audiences for over 25 years I have also been a teacher in Western Australian schools for over 30 years. Qualified with a Bachelor of Education (Music Specialist), Police Clearance and Working with Children Check let me help you or your child take guitar playing to the next level.

Take it as far as you like covering Pop, Blues, Jazz Blues, Folk, Slide Guitar (upright and lap style position), Finger style, Open tunings, Rock and many more!

Unlike a piano, the guitar can be difficult to understand and access. There are no black-and-white keys, just strings and frets!

Initially, we may be happy memorising a few chords and their finger placements but if we are to extend any further we need to master the neck and that takes work.


Fortunately, with the use of computers and apps we can learn to visualise the neck much more effectively. These pictograms if you like can be learned over a period of time, genuine persistence to understand and recognise them embeds them in our subconscious. No longer is playing the guitar a guessing game but we can now attack any note we “hear” confidently.


Improvisation features heavily in my approach to teaching the guitar and is something I would encourage any new aspiring musician to do. Some people play incredible pieces on guitar only to discover they are unable to communicate and enjoy music with others lacking in the most basic understanding of chord harmony and theory. In other words, they have not developed the “inner ear”.


As a teacher of music, one of my roles is to bring out your inner muse, to help you fearlessly explore and develop your own style and go beyond your own expectations.

You will find in the long run that learning complex pieces will be much easier once you have developed the ability to play what you can “hear”.

Do I have to be able to sight-read?

No. While I can teach sight reading it is my experience that the styles I cover are more effectively taught using Guitar TAB or a combination of both. Most songs that I use can be attained at to give you an idea of what to expect.

Where are we?

We are located in Coogee near Fremantle in the lovely city of Perth. Lessons are generally taken in my studio.


Monday to Friday 10am-6pm

Lesson Cancellation PolicyPlease be advised that lessons cancelled within 24 hours will still require payment.

Skype Lessons

(WhatsApp or FaceTime is fine too)

Online Skype lessons can be just as much fun and as rewarding. Having an experience guitar mentor watching you play is the key ingredient here, as well as the ability to ask questions.

The human element of online lessons is essential. Touching base, chatting, learning and laughing. This is all part of the experience.

To arrange your Skype Lesson contact me either by phone or using the contact form below.

It would be a real pleasure to work with you.

Before the lesson commences please see the checklist below.

  1. Choose Rate
  2. Contact me either via phone or by using the contact form below to arrange and confirm a time.
  3. Ensure payment is made to Mike de Velta Professional Guitar Tuition for the correct amount via PayID through your bank account using my phone number 0415108230 as my ID or Bank details


    ANZ BSB 016725

    Acc 560 444 515

  4. Make sure you have a solid connection with audio and video ready to go at least 15 minutes prior to the lesson.
  5. Have your guitar tuned and seat yourself in a well-lit area so we can improve the quality of the video feed.
  6. Skype  name – Mike de Velta

My Promise

My promise to you is that I can really advance your playing in spectacular ways that bring great joy, a feeling of accomplishment and health of mind. Music is so much more than learning a bunch of notes, it is a way of living and growing. Allow me to share my experience with you and take the next step to guitar mastery.

Thank you so much for visiting Mike de Velta Professional Guitar tuition. For bookings please don’t hesitate to call

0415 108 230