Student Reviews

As a 30+-year-old beginner guitarist with chronic illness, I was nervous about guitar lessons, but Mike instantly makes you feel comfortable. He was super flexible working around the ups and downs of my illness, no lesson was ever boring. He has this amazing ability to make even the most beginner player have fun. I thought I couldn’t enjoy playing guitar until I was ‘a good player’ but he proved me wrong in our first lesson. He brings out creativity you didn’t know you had, turns a horrible day into a fun one, and allows sessions to be playful. I would recommend Mike as not only a wonderful guitar teacher but as a music therapist too. His passion for guitar is infectious. Renee Murray

As a mature learner, I wanted to work with a teacher who was not into ticking boxes and following schedules of learning outcomes. I have only been learning from Mike for a couple of months, but I have already gained so much, not only in knowledge and technique but also being able to hear and FEEL the music. Mike steers you in the direction that benefits you, and not a curriculum. Learning from Mike is a lot of fun, like visiting with a mate. He has such a wealth of knowledge and a skill to impart that in a loving way. I certainly look forward to our sessions together and know the outcomes will be fruitful and joyful. Ray Collins

I enjoy the lessons and appreciate how patient Mike is. I have surely learned guitar skills! Mercedes

Fun and simple guitar lessons that make it extremely easy to learn and make you want to continue learning and improving –Finn

Mike is a relaxed, flexible and approachable guitar teacher. He has offered Finn a chance to learn the guitar through an organic approach that covers all aspects. I would recommend Mike to anyone wanting to learn the guitar from the basics to advanced. Kylie

Mike is an awesome teacher who makes lessons both fun and engaging. He breaks down difficult concepts and makes them easier to understand.
I’ve been taking lessons from him for a few months now and I’m seeing a huge improvement in my technique and the way I think about music. Rob Button

Mike’s knowledge of music and teaching skills are second to none when it comes to learning Lap Steel Slide guitar. Mike is the real deal and will have you sliding in no time. 🎸 Gary McGuiness

Mike is probably one of the most honest insightful supportive teachers I have encountered. I repeatedly witnessed the high level to which he applies himself, and believes deeply in the betterment of us students. Texas Whyte

I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to take their guitar playing to the next level. He is a natural teacher and will get you looking at guitar in a completely different way. Easy going and natural environment 5/5 Sean Carrie

Mike has great passion and enthusiasm for his students. Really enjoyed my 10 weeks of slide guitar lessons from one of the best – David McKenzie
Mike is a supportive, motivating and caring teacher, who helped me become my best as a guitarist. His knowledge and love of music inspired me to grow as a musician and continue to follow my dream. I never would have taken some needed extra steps if it weren’t for Mike and I am forever grateful for his help. He has become a friend and mentor and I could not have asked for a better guitar teacher. – Shyam Kanagalingam 

My 7-year-old son is learning fast compared to school guitar lessons. He is very happy with Mike. Great guitar teacher very good with kids – Kate Lazzaro.

Don’t think I have ever felt this emotional about a song so quickly, he is impressive and I thank God someone like him can move us. – Steven Childers

I have been learning from Mike for almost 3 years now. I can’t recommend Mike highly enough. He is a great teacher and has always balanced what I have wanted to play and what I need to learn to be a better player perfectly. Mike is an amazing player himself as you will learn from the first few minutes of playing with him. I know that if it wasn’t for my lessons with Mike, I would be a far worse player than I currently am. –Mark Barrett

I’ve been having lessons with Mike for a few months now, Mike is a fantastic teacher, he makes every lesson fun and engaging. Mike is extremely skilled at teaching the guitar, he breaks everything down perfectly making it easy to understand. I highly recommend Mike! -Andrew Soaris.

I really like and appreciate Mike de Velta professional guitar lessons chilled clean and professional environment to learn or take your guitar skills to the next level at a reasonable price. it’s great for all types of guitarists no matter what level you’re at. I’m a beginner and mike has a very relaxed attitude towards me I’ve made great progress in my lessons and is very helpful if you have a question to ask, mike gets back to you as quickly as possible. I highly recommend mikes guitar lessons –Chevie

Been with Mike learning guitar now for months. Moved back to Sydney so we tentatively tried a Skype lesson and it was absolutely perfect. I was able to take screenshots and record the lesson and there were no lag or connection issues at all. Sounded and looked great. Fortunately, I’ll be able to continue learning from 4000km away – Pat Hitchens

Mike is the best guitar teacher/coach I have ever had. His knowledge and skills are amazing and he breaks everything down so I can manage the learning and apply it to my playing. Thanks Mike you are a legend!!!  –Dom Mazarno

Mike is an amazing guitar teacher. Patient, knowledgeable and encouraging which is important for an older student like me. I look forward to our weekly lessons and the challenges he gives me. Thank you Mike, you are a gem. – Stephen Alfrich

Mike made my first lesson so fun and engaging. I have had two lessons so far in electric guitar. I felt comfortable, encouraged through the lesson and excited to practice at home. He focuses on the key concepts of music as at first I just wanted to learn a song. Now, I understand for me to be actually good and learn songs on my own, I need to learn the foundations in music. Worth every penny. ❤️ – Spyro

I’ve been having weekly lessons with Mike for about 3 years now, and it’s honestly the best hour of my week. I picked up guitar mid-life with no real musical experience and very little expectation that I would be able to develop any significant skill or musicality. Somehow the journey has taken me from two or three open chords and no understanding of scales to comping and soloing over jazz standards and playing the music I hear in my head. Mike has a talent for communicating musical ideas and concepts in an extraordinarily accessible way (benefits of being a primary school teacher in your spare time?) while also sharing a profound appreciation for the expression of music on guitar. He’s no slouch on other instruments or musical traditions either. Can’t recommend him highly enough as a generous, talented and inspiring teacher. – Brad Hayhow

Since I have been going to Mike to learn the lap steel guitar it has been fun.l am not a fast learner but the way that Mike teaches stretches the old grey matter a bit but it is enjoyable.See you next week Mike. – Wayne

Mike has a gift for communicating with his students, being able to teach both younger and older people with equal ease. His passion for music is obvious, and he is , in the case of my son and I, not just teaching us how to play guitar, but how to create music. – Bradley O’Beirne 
I’ve been having lessons with Mike for a couple of years now. I love that he challenges me with a bit of theory but mixes it up with a song to make it more interesting and relatable. He has a relaxed and encouraging style and works with my style and what I want. He is helpful and flexible. – Linda Jane
Two lessons in … awesome, walking away from lesson one with something tangible and resembling some form of music was great, something to go practice practice and practice. A great learning environment with constant positive feedback relaxed and flowing. Couldn’t recommend it higher, thanks Mike looking forward to the next lesson😊 – Scott Tompson
I really look forward to my fortnightly lessons with Mike. For the first time I can see the potential I have from practice and commitment. Guidance, motivation, fun… I’m loving my progress. – Paul Shaw
Mike is amazing at making me feel comfortable with the guitar, an old dog can learn new tricks. I would highly recommend it! – Matthew Strang

Performance Reviews

Interview with Aussie Mike de Velta, an one-man-band artist who push slide guitar into another dimension. Posted by Michael Limnios Blues Network 

Blues Matters Cd Review UK. Whiskey in the Mornin”

London-born Mike de Velta re-located to Australia at age thirteen, settling on the west coast. It must be the Aussie blood in me, but I”m a sucker for the”Biues”n”Roots” they serve up over there. ”Whiskey in the Mornin” is a couple of years in the making, and, in my opinion, is well worth the effort.All tentracks are self-penned and with the exception of Dean Wuksta on drums, Mike plays all theinstruments and is on vocals. I”ll elaborate on that, he plays electric/acoustic guitar, lap steel, ukulele,bass, harmonica, then harmonises his own vocals! Recorded in his home studio, this is a collectionof blues-infused songs, from the wailing harp opening on the title track, to opener ”Nicotine Stain”and ”Mud and Grime Blues”. Mike can do a good ballad as well, as ”Pretty White Lies” testifies. ”TheWedding Song ” would be a good substitute as a wedding march. The love theme continues on ”ThisGreat Love” and the instrumental closer ”Doorstep to my Heart”. Then there”s the calypso rhythms of ”Island In The Sun”, with the message that it might be idyllic, but the realities of life still exist! All in all, then, this is a fair representation of blues songs, credit also goes to Mike (is there anything he doesn”t do!) and Paul Yarrow for the artwork/ design. I”m glad to have made contact with Mike,you can as well by visiting
Clive Rawlings


Mike De Velta has beaten the boards everywhere in 2011 and has also released his much aniticipated, “Whiskey in The Morning” to national acclaim.
Appearances and supports, radio interviews and non stop performance in a fashion that is truly recongized among his peers as ”the right stuff”, it is our pleasure to honour the bluesman, Mike De Velta.

With the most frequently played tracks on Global Thunda Network”s Australian Independent Radio, we are proud to announce Mike De Velta/ Best Blues Artist 2011 I”d just like to thank the team at Global Thunder Network for selecting my work as Best Blues Artist for 2011.

Mike de Velta opened proceedings tonight with a rousing solo set of rootsy blues punctuated by his raw and emotive vocals, acoustic and steel guitars, mouth harp and bare feet bashing away on a stomp box. Endearing and warm, he got the crowd going and dancers on the floor from the start. (KEVIN BORICH EXPRESS With The Graham Greene Band & Mike de Velta) Shane Pinnegar, The Rock Pit.

Am sitting on your YouTube profile listening to stuff I had not heard before, and I am so enthralled by you. You, Sir, are one of the most talented artists I have met to date. It is an honor and a privilege to know you.
Nana Mex

“There are a great bunch of songs on this album and to be honest, I”m just really glad I have a copy of it”
(referring to Frontline)
Nigel Bird, Western Australian Music Industry WAMI

Feeling stressed & in need of some quality time?
Then don”t go any further than Mike de Velta”s latest cd “Frontline”.
Mike”s wonderful voice & music will flow over & into you as he sings his beautiful songs. Each song on this cd is very addictive, the more you listen to it the more things you find to love about it. Congratulations Mike & I”m very proud to play your music on my show.
Wendy Rudin, Presenter Spirit FM 91.1

Mike De Velta”s skiffly vocals over his dobro & ukulele are irresistable. His rickety-tickety pace & frenetic harmonica on ”Come back baby” are plain old good time fun”
South Australian Roots and Blues

“Lady Luck – An interesting arrangement & song that someone like Paul Simon would have been proud of. Although probably “labeled” a modern folk/roots love song it had a medieval ballad feel to it for me that really works”.
Bill Dewdney, DJ of Highway 49 Blues 2CCC

Mike De Velta”s up-tempo ‘Come Back Baby” features an extremely talented harp player who drives the lively pace of this punchy, rootsy toe-tapper. Spoons, bones or other simple percussion device add a brilliantly primitive under-current to a track featuring rich, clear vocals. His ‘Fifteen Days” is the least bluesy of all the tracks but is a very tuneful acoustic piece. The slight hollow echo effect on the mike and bluish turnarounds make this an interesting listen.
Steve Barnes, The Blue Note

A fine acoustic album indeed.Stand out tracks for me in “Fav” order are: 4-9-5-1-2 as well as a couple of nice instrumentals.(Referring to “On a Backdrop of Silence”)
Terry “Tekka” Iredale, DJ of HotFM

Mike De Velta”s track, 15 Days is the most sophisticated on the disc. A solo acoustic song full of rich jazz harmonies reminding us that the boundary between blues and not blues cannot be easily defined, and perhaps nor should it.
Michael Hardy , Canberra Blues Society


Mike De Velta may well have been born in London but his heart and soul are soundly grounded in the West Coast of Australia. His live gigs are always exciting as he builds the tempo throughout his Blues-infused set, readily demonstrating that he wears his musical heart on his sleeve.“Whiskey In The Mornin’” has been a couple of years in the making at Mike’s home studio and is a truer reflection of his well-received live performances in that it has a definite Blues bent on the majority of the ten tracks, all self-penned. With the exception of drums (Dean Wuksta), De Velta plays an amazing array of instruments, including electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel, ukulele, bass, percussion and harmonica, as well as harmonising with his own lead vocals.“Pretty White Lies” is a heartfelt plea for compassion within a relationship. A truly beautiful ballad. Love comes to the fore on songs such as “The Wedding Song” (watch this become popular at marriage ceremonies), “This Great Love” and the instrumental closing track, “Doorstep To My Heart”. For something quite different, try the calypso-infused rhythms of “Island In The Sun”, dreaming of an idyllic beach party, whilst having to deal with the harsher realities of life.It’s the fine representations of Blues songs which dominate the album, from the wailing harp opening on the title track to “Mud And Grime Blues” and “Nicotine Stain”. Their vitality fairly bursts from the speakers with purposeful intensity. Well worth a listen. – Derek Cromb

One thing that will make your life complete
Is listening to Mike De Velta
With slide guitar finger style, folk and
Blues from down the delta
With a ukulele, lap guitar he doesn’t need 17 lagers
There’s nothing this man can’t do
He even does Indian ragas
So lay back in the Nannup hall
There’s no need to swelter
Just sit back and listen to a master musician
The legendary Mike De Velta
Peter Capp, Nannup Music Festival WA