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Blues at Bridgetown You got to move!

Fred McDowell cover, You got to move Mike de Velta – Bridgetown Blues 2012 – 01 from Kevin Thompson on Vimeo. Kindly filmed and produced by Kevin Thompson.

Sit by your fire! ©2013

  Played on Dobro, a happy lil tune about finding true love. If you like it please find me on Facebook and like my page. Spread the love! 🙂 Thank you and thank God for the inspiration  

Cold and Crippled hand, Country Swamp Gospel Blues

Cold and crippled hand Mike de Velta © 2011 White collar black tie these words are made to hypnotise Speaking from the pulpit to the flock he’s now misled, This is the way to heaven people”, and this is what he said break “Open your purse and empty your change it’s time pay the rent’ um…x1 arabic Well I’ve been chosen the Lord to lead you by the hand forget him for now while you empty your change from your cold and crippled hand a fancy car, a limousine, a mansion on the hill break but you know every I dollar earn goes to the needy, the poor and the ill. Uh huh um…x1 arabic Well I’m not an unbeliever my faith is strong and true but I can’t understand how greedy man steals money off me and you “Your a sinner son It ain’t no lie but ill make you understand just empty your change and drop it right here from your cold and crippled hand” um…x1 arabic , solo x 2 Well I’ve seen you in the paper I’ve seen you in the news they say you squandered millions and all the people you’ve abused they found a woman in your bed these drugs they found on you “But can’t you see, it ain’t up to me, it’s what the devil made me do” um…x1 arabic Well see his shoes they’re shiny shiny like the sun but take that robe away from him He’s just a devil on…
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Instrumental w Oud, Dobro, Les Paul, Rickenbacker Lap Slide & more…

Belly Dancer – Episode 2 of the Forays into the Esoteric Podcast from Mike de Velta. Featuring lap slide, 53 les paul gold top, fernandes stratocaster, oud, sitar, dobro, bass  and drums  played Dean Wuksta. When I composed this I tried to think of all the tones that excited me in my travels to India and North Africa. This tune is a hybrid if you like, a western interpretation.

This Great Love

An original soft spiritual to console the soul. Played on a steel bodied dobro with slide.