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Past show archive
Venue Date Time Event City
Peel Estate Winery11/03/18TBDPeel Winery Estate BluesPerth, WA
Ravenswood Hotel17/02/184:00pm3rd Annual Blues & Roots FestivalRavenswood, WA
Ravenswood Hotel29/12/177:00pmMike de Velta & John WilsonRavenswood, WA
Ravenswood Hotel09/12/177:00pmSupport for Head HonchoRavenswood, WA
Gaslight Club01/11/178:00pmGaslight Club Acoustic
Manning Park29/10/172:00pmBollywood at Manning Park (Playing Sitar)
Ravenswood Hotel27/10/177:00pmThe Waif Tribute Show (playing Harmonica)Ravenswood, WA
Peel Estate Winery12/03/1712:00pmPeel Estate Winery BluesPerth, WA
Quindanning Hotel05/03/1712:00pmFeel good Blues at the Quindanning HotelQuindanning, WA
Perth Blues Club14/02/177:00pmLive at the PBCPerth, WA
Indian Ocean Hotel29/01/177:00pmMike de Velta & Rob WalkerScarborough
Ravenswood Hotel21/01/176:00pmLive at The Ravenswood Hotel!Ravenswood, WA
89.7 Twin Cities FM19/01/171:30pm
Araleun Estate10/12/16TBDCarols by Torchlight
Ravenswood Hotel26/11/1612:00pmRavenswood Hotel Chilli FestivalRavenswood, WA
Hyatt Regency25/08/166:00pmDan Murphy's Whiskey Launch
Indian Ocean Hotel10/08/167:00pmClub Acoustic Indi BarScarborough
Perth Blues Club19/07/168:00pmMike de Velta & John Wilson DuoPerth, WA
Ravenswood Hotel24/06/167:00pmMike de Velta & Roy MartinezRavenswood, WA
89.7 Twin Cities FM09/06/161:15pmLive on 89.7 Twin Cities Fm
Ravenswood Hotel09/04/165:00pmRavenswood Blues and Roots festivalRavenswood, WA
Fly By Night06/04/168:00pmThe Gaslight ClubFremantle, WA
Peel Estate Winery13/03/1611:00amPeel Blues and Roots FestivalPerth, WA
Bar Indigo Leisure Inn19/02/168:00pm
Ravenswood Hotel16/01/168:00pmAt the RavoRavenswood, WA
Araleun Estate13/12/15TBDCarols by Candlelight
Araleun Estate29/11/151:30pmAraluen Avocado Festival
Araleun Estate28/11/151:30pmAraluen Avocado Festival
Serpentine Tavern21/11/157:00pmMike de Velta and Lindsay Wells
Indian Ocean Hotel08/11/157:00pmMike de Velta & Matt CalScarborough
Indian Ocean Hotel11/10/157:30pmMike de Velta & Andrew WintonScarborough
Ravenswood Hotel02/10/157:30pmMike de Velta and Special GuestRavenswood, WA
Indian Ocean Hotel30/09/157:00pmClub Acoustic Resonator Guitar SpecialScarborough
Indian Ocean Hotel13/09/157:30pmMike de Velta & Andrew WintonScarborough
Private Show03/09/156:00pmDan Murphy's Whiskey Launch
The Paddo21/08/158:00pmAt the Paddo!Mount Hawthorn , WA
Private Show18/08/156:30pmRendezvous private Function
Indian Ocean Hotel09/08/157:30pmMike de Velta & Andrew WintonScarborough
Northshore Tavern06/08/158:00pmSolo at the Northern Blues and Roots Club!Hillary's
Ravenswood Hotel17/07/157:30pmAt the Ravo!Ravenswood, WA
Indian Ocean Hotel12/07/157:30pmMike de Velta & Andrew WintonScarborough
Fly By Night08/07/158:00pmGaslight Club Fly by NightFremantle, WA
Charles Hotel30/06/158:00pmPerth Blues ClubNorth Perth, WA
The Paddo12/06/158:00pmLet's Get LocalMount Hawthorn , WA
Indian Ocean Hotel17/05/156:30pmMike de Velta and Andrew WintonScarborough
Ravenswood Hotel17/04/157:30pmAt the RAVO!Ravenswood, WA
Bouvard Tavern10/04/157:30pm
Murray Shire29/03/152:00pmMike de Velta Trio
Indian Ocean Hotel25/03/158:00pmScarborough
Ravenswood Hotel14/03/157:30pmMike de Velta at the Ravenswood HotelRavenswood, WA
Fremantle Esplanade08/03/1512:30pmFremantle Chilli Festival
Fremantle Esplanade07/03/1512:30pmFremantle Chilli Festival
River Resort Tavern and Restaurant01/03/152:00pmSolo at the RivMandurah, WA
Private Show28/02/158:00pmPrivate Party
Peel Estate Winery15/02/1511:00amBlues at the Peel Winery with Lez KarskiPerth, WA
Araleun Estate14/02/157:00pmMike de Velta and Kim Bettenay Blues at Araluen
River Resort Tavern and Restaurant01/02/152:00pmSolo at the RiverMandurah, WA
The Paddo25/01/157:30pmLet's get localMount Hawthorn , WA
River Resort Tavern and Restaurant18/01/152:00pmSolo at the RiverMandurah, WA
Ravenswood Hotel16/01/157:30pmRavenswood HotelRavenswood, WA
River Resort Tavern and Restaurant04/01/152:00pmSolo at the RiverMandurah, WA
River Resort Tavern and Restaurant21/12/142:00pmSolo at the RiverMandurah, WA
Araleun Estate14/12/14TBDCarols by Candlelight
Private Show06/12/148:00pmWedding Dunsborough
Langford Tavern05/12/148:00pmHell's Bells SupportPerth
Ravenswood Hotel22/11/14TBDSolo at the RavenswoodRavenswood, WA
Perth Blues Club11/11/148:00pmPerth Blues ClubPerth, WA
Relay for Life07/11/148:00pmRelay for Life Mandurah
Springfield Blues & Roots Concert25/10/143:00pmSpringfield BluesHarvey, WA
Sandy Cove Tavern30/08/147:00pmSolo at the Sandy Cove
Dan Murphy28/08/146:00pmWhiskey Product Launch
Private Show21/08/144:30pmChildren Youth and Families Agencies Association
Private Show18/08/146:00pmJoondalup Resort
Private Show09/08/148:00pmMadely
Hidden Treasures Fremantle24/07/146:00pmHidden Treasures - Fremantle's Winter Music Series
Ravenswood Hotel04/07/147:00pmSolo at the RavoRavenswood, WA
Ravenswood Hotel08/06/147:00pmJeff Lang & Mike de VeltaRavenswood, WA
Ravenswood Hotel03/05/147:00pmSolo at the RavoRavenswood, WA
Drakesbrook Hotel02/05/147:00pmSolo at the Drake
Private Show19/04/148:00pmBirthday Party
Private Show13/04/14TBDWedding
Private Show12/04/148:00pm40th Party
Perth Blues Club01/04/148:00pmMike de Velta & Francesco Renna DuoPerth, WA
Sandy Cove Tavern30/03/1412:00pm
Peel Estate Winery23/03/1411:00amBLUES SPECIAL @ PEEL ESTATE WINERY Perth, WA
Private Show22/03/148:00pm
Northbridge Paizza16/03/142:00pmPiazza Folk and Roots with City of Perth support.
Fremantle Esplanade09/03/1411:30amAraluen Chilli Festival
Fremantle Esplanade08/03/1411:30amAraluen Chilli Festival
Ravenswood Hotel28/02/147:00pmRavenswood, WA
Sully's on the Beach22/02/147:00pmSolo on the Beach
Ravenswood Hotel26/01/141:00pmAustralia DayRavenswood, WA
Ravenswood Hotel05/01/141:00pmRavenswood, WA
Leonora Hotel14/12/138:00pm
Ravenswood Hotel07/12/138:00pmRing of Fire Ravenswood, WA
Northshore Tavern05/12/137:00pmNorthern Blues and Roots ClubHillary's
Mojo's29/11/138:00pmSupport for Freo GrasshoppersFremantle, WA
Mandurah Blues Club24/11/132:00pmMandurah Blues Club
Private Show09/11/13TBDHens' Bucks Party
Private Show21/09/135:00pmPrivate Show Boddington
Private Show31/08/137:30pmYacht Club
Private Show17/08/138:00pmPikey
Oxford Hotel15/08/138:00pmWA Folk Folk FederationPerth, WA
The Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant04/08/131:30pmMike de Velta at the DeckBusselton , WA
Ravenswood Hotel03/08/138:00pmSolo at the RavoRavenswood, WA
Private Show29/07/135:30pmEsplanade
Oxford Hotel15/07/138:00pmOxford Hotel Perth Folk and Roots ClubPerth, WA
The Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant09/06/131:30pmMike de Velta at the DeckBusselton , WA
Ravenswood Hotel08/06/138:00pmMike de Velta with Applejack and MoonshineRavenswood, WA
Quindanning Hotel18/05/1312:00pmMike de Velta SoloQuindanning, WA
Perth Blues Club07/05/138:00pmPJ O'Brien, Mike de Velta, The Midnight CollectivePerth, WA
Camelot Outdoor Cinema17/04/138:00pmPerth, WA
The Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant07/04/131:30pmSoloBusselton , WA
Peel Estate Winery10/03/1311:00amPeel Winery Blues Perth, WA
The Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant03/03/131:30pmSolo at the DeckBusselton , WA
The Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant17/02/131:30pmSoloBusselton , WA
The Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant16/02/135:00pmSolo at the DeckBusselton , WA
Hills Blues Club09/02/138:00pmHills Blues ClubPerth, Western Australia
The Earl of Spencer25/01/138:00pmThe Earl of SpencerAlbany, WA
The Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant23/12/121:00pmMike de Velta SoloBusselton , WA
Oxford Hotel20/12/128:00pmPerth Folk and Roots ClubPerth, WA
Bridgetown Blues Festival09/11/128:00pm
Mojo's19/09/128:00pmMike de Velta & Gilbert White @ MojosFremantle, WA
The Earl of Spencer08/09/127:00pmmike de velta solo acousticAlbany, WA
Albany Blues Club06/09/127:30pmMike de velta with House band
Private Show11/08/128:00pm
Perth Blues Club07/08/128:00pmSteel Blues Project Live PerformancePerth, WA
Private Show30/07/127:00pmPrivate Show
Settlers Tavern01/07/12TBDMike de Velta solo @ Settlers TavernMargaret River, WA
Charles Hotel12/06/128:00pmSteel Blues Project Live PerformanceNorth Perth, WA
The Paddo16/05/127:50pmMike de Velta and Mike ElringtonMount Hawthorn , WA
Brooklands Tavern28/04/128:30pmLady Zeppelin and Mike de Velta, WA
The Earl of Spencer07/04/128:00pmSolo at the Earl of SpencerAlbany, WA
Albany Community Radio Interview
Hyde Park Hotel25/03/125:00pmMike de Velta solo @ The Hyde Park HotelNorth Perth,, WA
Camelot Outdoor Cinema21/03/126:30pmSunset BluesPerth, WA
Hyde Park Hotel18/03/125:00pmMike de Velta solo @ The Hyde Park HotelNorth Perth,, WA
Peel Estate Winery11/03/1211:00amPeel Blues FestivalPerth, WA
Hyde Park Hotel11/03/125:00pmMike de Velta solo @ The Hyde Park HotelNorth Perth,, WA
Norfolk Basement09/03/128:00pmMister and Sunbird, The Joe Black Trio, Mike de Velta Fremantle , WA
Hyde Park Hotel04/03/125:00pmMike de Velta solo @ The Hyde Park HotelNorth Perth,, WA
RTR FM 92.1 Rockin the Roots with Justin Walshe26/02/125:00pmRTR FM 92.1 Rockin the Roots with Justin Walshe
Eastern Hotel10/02/125:00pmMike de Velta Friday Sundownder @ The Eastern HotelMidland, Perth, WA
Eastern Hotel05/02/125:00pmMike de Velta Sunday Session @ The Eastern HotelMidland, Perth, WA
Eastern Hotel29/01/125:00pmSunday Session at the Eastern HotelMidland, Perth, WA
Eastern Hotel20/01/124:30pmSundowner at the EasternMidland, Perth, WA
Eastern Hotel14/01/128:00pmSolo at the Eastern HotelMidland, Perth, WA
Eastern Hotel12/01/125:00pmMike de Velta Sunday Session @ The Eastern HotelMidland, Perth, WA
Eastern Hotel06/01/124:30pmMike de Velta soloMidland, Perth, WA
Elizabethan Village Pub28/12/117:30pmMike de Velta soloPerth, WA
Charles Hotel13/12/118:00pmMike de Velta, The Hips, The Love BitesNorth Perth, WA
89.7 Twin Cities FM11/12/118:00pmMike de Velta live in the studio with Derek Cromb
Fremantle Town Hall26/11/111:00pmCalling all Ukuleles
Mojo's26/10/118:00pmGraham Greene and Mike de VeltaFremantle, WA
Charles Hotel18/10/118:00pmRockin Boogie @ CHARLES HOTELNorth Perth, WA
Charles Hotel19/08/118:00pmKevin Borich, Graham Greene , Mike de VeltaNorth Perth, WA
Roleystone Country Club27/07/117:30pmMike de Velta @ Performers NightPerth, WA
Rustico Tappas Bar24/07/111:00pmMike de Velta soloRockingham, WA
Hidden Treasures Fremantle21/07/116:00pmHidden Treasures Fremantle
Glengarry Tavern03/07/111:00pm89.7 FM (Twin Cities FM) FundraiserPerth, WA
Charles Hotel29/05/115:00pmMike de Velta soloNorth Perth, WA
Charles Hotel22/05/115:00pmMike de Velta soloNorth Perth, WA
Charles Hotel15/05/115:00pmMike de Velta soloNorth Perth, WA
Charles Hotel08/05/115:00pmMike de Velta soloNorth Perth, WA
Charles Hotel01/05/115:00pmMike de Velta soloNorth Perth, WA
X-Wray Cafe30/04/118:00pmMike de Velta & Freo GrasshoppersFremantle, WA
Eastern Hotel24/04/115:00pmMike de Velta soloMidland, Perth, WA
Eastern Hotel10/04/115:00pmMike de Velta soloMidland, Perth, WA
Eastern Hotel03/04/115:00pmMike de Velta soloMidland, Perth, WA
Eastern Hotel27/03/115:00pmMike de Velta soloMidland, Perth, WA
Rockingham Hotel25/03/118:00pmHarmonica FestPerth, WA
Eastern Hotel20/03/115:00pmMike de Velta soloMidland, Perth, WA
Rock Inn18/03/118:00pmLady Zeppelin, Graham Greene & Mike de Velta LivePerth, WA
Eastern Hotel13/03/115:00pmMike de Velta soloMidland, Perth, WA
Charles Hotel05/03/118:00pmAbsolutely The Doors Show & Mike de VeltaNorth Perth, WA
Lake Clifton Tavern27/02/1112:00pmBenefit Gig for Lake Clifton Fires, WA
Perth Blues Club15/02/118:30pmMike de Velta @ Perth Blues ClubPerth, WA
89.7 Twin Cities FM13/02/119:00pmMike de Velta live with Derek Cromb
Ale House12/02/118:00pmFreo Grasshoppers and Mike de VeltaFremantle, WA
X-Wray Cafe04/02/11TBDFreo Grasshoppers & Mike de VeltaFremantle, WA
JB Orielly's02/01/117:00pmFreo Grasshoppers & Mike de VeltaLeederville, WA
Perth Cultural Centre12/12/1012:30pmWA Folk Federation SeriesPerth , Western Australia
ABC 720 Radio11/12/108:40amMike de Velta on James Lush's Breakfast ShowPerth, WA
Private Show27/11/108:00pmPrivate Show
Railway Hotel21/11/105:00pmTank 7 CD LaunchNorth Fremantle, WA
Peel Estate Winery07/11/1010:00amPeel Estate Blues ReviewPerth, WA
JB Orielly's02/11/107:00pmFreo Grasshoppers & Mike de VeltaLeederville, WA
Belvidere's Bar Bistro24/10/103:00pmMike de velta soloPerth, WA
Rockingham Hotel28/08/108:30pmRegular monthly blues nightPerth, WA
Perth Blues Club08/06/108:15pmMike de Velta & Justin Walsh Folk MachinePerth, WA
Rustico Tappas Bar02/05/102:00pmMike de Velta soloRockingham, WA
Ale House01/05/108:00pmMike de Velta & The Freo GrasshoppersFremantle, WA
Peel Estate Winery11/04/1010:00amPeel Blues ’N’ Roots RevuePerth, WA
Rockingham Hotel12/03/108:00pmLive ’N’ Local ShowcasePerth, WA
Nannup Music Festival28/02/109:00amMike de Velta @ Nannup Town HallNannup, WA
Nannup Music Festival28/02/105:15pmMike de Velta @ Nannup HotelNannup, WA
Nannup Music Festival27/02/103:45pmWorkshop @ The ChurchyardNannup, WA
Nannup Music Festival27/02/106:30pmMike de Velta @ Nannup HotelNannup, WA
Redcliffe on the Murray21/02/104:00pmHussy Hicks and Mike de VeltaPinjarra, WA
Mojo's19/02/108:00pmPrenup Pre Nannup Music Fest ShowFremantle, WA
Cranked Coffee13/02/107:00pmMike de Velta Solo @ Cranked CoffeePerth, WA
The Troff Lunch Bar03/02/107:00pmMike de Velta @ The Troff Lunch BarFremantle , WA
Cranked Coffee30/01/107:00pmSolo @ Cranked Coffee LeedervillePerth, WA
Mojo's27/01/108:30pmMike de Velta at Freo Blues and Roots ClubFremantle, WA
Ale House22/01/109:00pmFreo Grasshoppers & Mike de VeltaFremantle, WA
Southerly's View Bar & Restaurant10/01/106:00pmMike de Velta @ Southerly's Pt DenisonPort Denison , WA
L'Attitude 2809/01/109:00pmMIKE DE VELTA @ L'Attitude 28 (Geraldton)Geraldton, WA
Cranked Coffee20/12/092:30pmCranked Coffee SoloPerth, WA
Woodlake Amphitheatre19/12/0912:00pmFree Seasons Concert SeriesPerth, WA
Cranked Coffee13/12/091:00pmMike de Velta Perth, WA
Cranked Coffee12/12/097:00pmMike de Velta Perth, WA
Cranked Coffee06/12/091:00pmMike de Velta Perth, WA
Cranked Coffee05/12/097:00pmMike de Velta Perth, WA
Ale House04/12/099:00pmGrasshoppers and Mike de VeltaFremantle, WA
Cranked Coffee29/11/091:00pmMike de Velta Perth, WA
Cranked Coffee28/11/097:00pmMike de Velta Perth, WA
Springfield Blues & Roots Concert31/10/093:00pmSpringfield Blues & RootsHarvey, WA
25/10/09TBDHouse Concert
Davilak Hotel12/06/09TBDCD launch fro TriggerPerth
Private Wedding21/03/098:00pmPrivate WeddingPerth, WA
Yanchep Blues in the Park08/03/091:00pmBlues in the ParkPerth, WA
Quindanning Hotel15/01/097:00pmBonjah and Mike de VeltaQuindanning, WA
Perth Blues Club18/11/088:00pmFestival of the FretPerth, WA
Mojo's23/09/088:00pmFremantle Blues and Roots ClubFremantle, WA
Springfield Blues & Roots Concert7:00pmSpringfield Blues & Roots Concert: 2009Harvey, WA
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