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Goldfinger Guitar

An arrangement of the soundtrack “Goldfinger” by John Barry. I’ve arranged it slightly differently and created all the tracks with software. This is more of a surf style guitar which was very popular during this era. The guitar is a customised Aria Pro II STG, customised with new electrics and pickups.

Perth Skype Guitar Lessons

All of our lessons are available through Skype while we get through this Covid Pandemic. Still that one on one immediate experience and still very enjoyable. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to jump onboard.

Gift Vouchers

Great news! You can now you can purchase giftcards online toward guitar lessons!

So how do you get good at playing guitar quickly!

So how do you get so good so quick? Rifting a pentatonic scale everyday won’t! Endless noodling on the guitar won’t! Repeating what you know over and over won’t! Music is a language and like a language we need a vocabulary. I use “Transcribe!” everyday to work out new tunes. Import a song, slow it down, loop sections and ‘work stuff out!”. The very act of working songs out using the ear is the key to developing musical literacy and ‘relative pitch’ All the greatest players echo the same wisdom. If you need a tab or score, fine, refer to it but it is the internalisation of musical phrases that develops that wonderful almost magical neuroplasticity that occurs within the brain and enables us to sprout even more new ideas and permutations. After all music is patterns right? The more patterns we learn the more apt we are at creating new ones. Every new idea, lick or phrase sets up a wonderful far reaching domino effect within the mind of the musician. Feed it with excellent music, listen deeply, over and over. Work on tunes, slowly, patiently and methodically and the fruit shall return to you. It is simple cause and effect. How can you not improve? Learning is a natural occurrence, no effort needed other than presenting ourselves each and every day with a system that works. Happy learning! 🙂 Here is the website for Transcribe! By far the best investment in software I have ever made.

Why the electric guitar for beginners?

As a guitar teacher in Perth, I get to see many guitars bought to me as possible contenders to be used during my lessons. Some are great and some literally quite horrendous. A typical scenario may be a parent who wishes there child learn to play but understandably unsure about the longevity of their child’s interest may purchase a budget acoustic guitar just to get going. As we know guitars come in all shapes, sizes and qualities and typically cheaper guitars tend to have their drawbacks. If they are acoustic guitars the action (height of string from the fretboard) may be unrealistically too high to play for little fingers, you could however fashion the bridge lower by sanding it down somewhat or having a luthier look at it but for a guitar that may be worth $200 sending it to a luthier for a $100 setup seems hardly worth the expense. Consider also the tone of some of these cheaper guitars, they are often quite uninspiring,  typically made of  cheap ply that displays little inherent beauty in sound. Something I have also noticed that young children struggle with is the size of the guitar itself, reaching over the body of an acoustic instrument can be quite a challenge for small arms and to position the picking hand in the correct position an almost impossible demand. This is where the humble electric I feel serves us very well indeed; The electric guitar has less mass than an acoustic guitar and can be…
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