The three T’s to musical competence.

The 3 T’s to musical competence. 

or how to learn guitar fast!
This image came to me last night, not sure if I was awake or asleep but I had to draw this figure. I will call it the 3 T’s to musical competence.
If I could really nail down three pillars of musical study that would augment your musical growth exponentially this diagram would represent it perfectly.
Listen and work out melodies that strengthen the ear. Pitch recognition and phrasing exposes the linguistics and semantics of the genre you are tackling.
A place on which to hang your discoveries within that particular genre.
Keys, cadences, modes, harmonies, etc.
Delivery of the sound, tone, dynamic, nuance, shade, articulation.
A means to an end.
By following this is a circular fashion, applying equal measure to each point of the triangle you can only succeed.
Learning is a natural occurrence, it just needs to be balanced, directed and focussed.
I hope this helps someone today.
Have a blessed and most musical day.