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Fernandes Revival Stratocaster RST-85

After a¬† recent purchase of this Fernandes RST-85 Stratocaster I am compelled to write a mini review of this most exquisite and under valued guitar. For years I have eyed many a Stratocaster and thought one day I’ll have to bite the bullet and fork out a couple of thousand hard earned Aussie dollars for a genuine Fender, I mean you don’t get better than that do you? Well I’m not convinced. When I first spotted this Fernandes RST-85 Stratocaster I was instantly drawn to it’s aesthetics, you no what I mean, some Strat copies look down right doggy, they “feel” and look cheap but even from a distance you could tell the finish on this Fernandes was immaculate and it drew me immediately. Sweet maple neck drooling in Nitro cellulose, two piece butted solid alder body, and high quality replica 57 hardware. Man, this was looking good. Well a week has passed after acquiring this little gem and with just a little adjustment to the neck relief and intonation I have been carelessly noodling the hours away with a humble satisfaction that this guitar is totally on par with any Fender Stratocaster I’ve ever played, it plays and feels “true”, the sound pops and that tone is right there where you want it. Well how much for such an axe? Well prices on Japanase built axes are steadily rising as an alternative investment¬† to the already saturated and overpriced American Vintage guitar market. Some reports say the price has…
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