Springfield Blues & Roots Concert 2009

The little town of Harvey, Western Australia comes alive on Springfield Farm with the annual  Springfield Blues & Roots Concert 2009. Awesome lineup, over 2 days! Here we come!
Admission charge for the two days is $60 per adult and $10 for children 4-16 years.
For people coming just for the Sunday program, the admission is $20 per adult and $5 per child.
Note that there are no alcohol sales at the venue.

For directions on how to get there please contact me via email  and I will send you the details as this event has a limited capacity.

See ya there.

Date    Time Slot         Band
Saturday Oct. 31st    3.00 – 5.00pm    (Pre-recorded)
5.00 – 5.45pm    Empire Blues
6.00 – 6.30pm    Empire Blues
7.00 – 7.45pm    Mike de Velta
8.30 – 9.15pm    TOBY
9.45 – 10.30pm    TOBY
11.30 – 12.45pm    Gators
1:15 – 2.00am    Gators

Sunday Nov. 1st    9.00 – 9.45am    Mike De Velta
10.00 – 10.45am    The Vibrolators
11.00 – 11.45am    The Vibrolators
12.15 – 1:00pm    Home Brew
1.15 – 2.00pm    Home Brew
Production by X-DC Pro Audio:
Stand-by band in case of any cancellations = “Delayed Reaction”

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  1. Chris and Diana

    Hi Mike, thanks a lot for the Springfield B&R festival line up as we have not seen anything about this anywhere else ! Do you have any details about how to get tickets or is it pay at the gate and how much entry is ? From the map you included it does not show exactly where the farm is, can you advise anymore location details so we can find it. Thanks again, will be great to see you perform as was at Fairbridge last time ! Also huge congratulations on FRONTLINE we play it all the time. Thanks again from Chris and Diana, Fremantle.

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