Sitar Lessons

Lessons for Beginners.

Well if you have found Sitar Lessons here in little old Perth you have done very well indeed. When I sought Sitar Lessons in Perth years ago there was and still is very little on offer. For some reason it is just an uncommon vocation.

What can I offer?

I can show you how to set up your Sitar, tune it, and even restring it as an added service.

I can set the intonation so it plays well and sound lovely and I can have you playing something half decent in a relatively short amount of time.

I am able to convey musical ideas within a Western context and relate you to some of the Indian Ragas of which we can analyse together.

I can make you feel confident about really learning this instrument and finally allow you to blow the dust of it while it has been sitting in the corner of your room for so long.

Taken some time ago this video below will give you some idea of my skill level. It would be my pleasure to share my knowledge with you.


Half hour lessons @ $30 prepaid 10 week blocks / $35 Casual rate
One hour lessons @ $60 prepaid 10 week blocks / $65 Casual rate


For information regarding performances or lessons please don’t hesitate to call

0415 108 230  (+618415108230)


or use the contact form below and we will be in touch asap.

Thank you,

Mike de Velta


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