Quindanning Hotel

Quindanning Hotel

Quindanning Hotel

Awesome Thursday night at the Quindanning Hotel  on 15th Jan 2009, the weather was warm and the mood was right. A few chilled ales, punters relaxing in the beer garden to a bush sunset, a perfect canvas to lay down some sweet acoustic action. Also playing that night  was the young  band Bonjah who’s grooves really hit the sweet spot and I got to say I really enjoyed them.

Glenn Mossop on Vocals with a  distinctive, inviting  and charismatic style , the echo and crack of timbales from percussionist James Majernik,  the deep sub bass tones of bass player David Morgan and the clean tones of a reggefied stratocaster hitting those punctuations right  on time by Regan Lethbridge.

Now remember this is a Thursday night but in Quindanning that’s a different story. Talking to Rowan the manager it seems Thursday nights is the go for these parts of the woods and not to be underestimated, I swear  the party was going to the wee hours of the morning and with  very little let up in site.

As I awoke (if I slept at all) I could hear a fellow in another room adamantly saying to his mate, “Hey man, wake up, you got to go to work, wake up man, you got to go to work!”.

I think that about sums it up 🙂

Yeh, there were a few headaches  that morning but I reckon what the hell, this is the Quindanning, one of the best gigs in the country and definitely one of my favorites.

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