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My Heart Bleeds In light of the level of violence I am seeing what can I do? I am fortunate, I live in a peaceful country but to witness my brothers and sisters of the world suffer as they do causes me great distress. I hope this song reaches higher places, that we consider that we too are responsible for creating the peace we wish to see in the world. That hatred is but the seed of murder and the us and them mentality is but primal feuding propagated by evil men in power who only seek power and control. The shedding of innocent blood is totally unacceptable. My heart goes out to the families, the little children and the suffering. My heart is with you. Please share. Mike de Velta © 2015 My heart bleeds Have you seen it on the tv did it capture your attention A world cryin’ for their children In need of our protection While puppets hold the stage their vying for attention to justify a war and kill a population My heart bleeds.. These hands are made for healing not fighting one another can’t justify to me the killing of a brother Compassion is the action That’ll save this world from dying Forgiveness it ain’t so easy But you know I’ll keep on tryin My heart bleeds.. There’s a child who roams the street cries out our for his mother but little does he know she now sleeps beneath the rubble Now tell me this justice…
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No 3 on the AMRAP Regional Chart!

“Bring it on Hard!” just made the AMRAP regional charts now at No6! These are the most downloaded tracks for presenters shows right across Australia!  

Playing the Ukulele

WARNING! This video is not to be taken seriously! Possible side effects include a positive change of mood! Just playing around with my ukulele.Thanks for watching , have a beautiful day and please like my page. smile emoticon Play my Ukulele by Mike de Velta ©2015 I said I’m waiting for my to peace to come oh my peace to come oh my peace to come I had trouble, trouble on my mind oh I had trouble, trouble on my mind Feels like a shadow, hanging over me Feels like a shadow, hanging over me Something I can’t see but I sure can feel it Something I can’t see but I sure can feel it oh nana nana … (Round) When I am weak, the world upon my shoulders feeling low, really can’t be bothered I’ll sit by a tree and play the ukulele like the birds that I see happiness will surely follow solo But this darkness will fade away I know this darkness will fade away will fade away but while I’m waiting, it won’t be long the light will come, I will be strong but while I’m waiting, it won’t be long the light will come, I will be strong oh nana nana …

Playing Sitar from a Western Perspective.

As you well know I am a dedicated guitarist but I’ve always had a very keen interest in Indian music and in particular Ragas. I’ve always wanted a Sitar but coming across one in good shape is difficult here in WA. Luckily good fortune led me to the purchase of this Sitar which I bought from a fellow selling it on Facebook for $100. It needed work, new strings and a number of bone pieces to support the strings were missing and needed to be sourced and fixed. After gathering all the pieces and after plenty of research I managed to pull this wonderful instrument together. Sounds great! I’ve been playing a few hours a day over the last few weeks and I’m pretty happy with my progress, wouldn’t fool a real Sitar player though smile emoticon I’ll keep on, just such a great pleasure to trip out to, somewhat of a meditation, practising the presence is just my thing. New! Sitar Lessons So you want to play the Sitar, check out my new page and book you lesson today! Click here for Sitar Lessons