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Playing Sitar from a Western Perspective.

As you well know I am a dedicated guitarist but I’ve always had a very keen interest in Indian music and in particular Ragas. I’ve always wanted a Sitar but coming across one in good shape is difficult here in WA. Luckily good fortune led me to the purchase of this Sitar which I bought from a fellow selling it on Facebook for $100. It needed work, new strings and a number of bone pieces to support the strings were missing and needed to be sourced and fixed. After gathering all the pieces and after plenty of research I managed to pull this wonderful instrument together.
Sounds great! I’ve been playing a few hours a day over the last few weeks and I’m pretty happy with my progress, wouldn’t fool a real Sitar player though smile emoticon
I’ll keep on, just such a great pleasure to trip out to, somewhat of a meditation, practising the presence is just my thing.If you are a Sitar teacher and would like to share your knowledge I’d love to hear from.
Bless you and thank you for listening and sharing my journey.