Fairbridge Festival

Hi ya Campers,
What a weekend, and yeh, the rain held off, sort off. Was a close call on the Sunday. As I awoke to the pitta patta of rain in the roof of my panel van my greatest fears were upon me, will my show be washed out? My final show was held at the Wine Bar and it seemed only the brave were found on the muddy Fairbridge tracks in the earlier hours of Sunday morning but there was a break in the weather at about 10.30am, my show was at 11.00. Turns out the Sun gig was fantastic. Sweet memories, lots of smiles and great CD sales. Glad the Frontline album was ready in time.
Other gigs were at the Chapel on the Friday, wow! Acoustilicious! and the new Loft on the Thurs.

Really nice hanging with the other artists back at camp, jamming with Aiden Varro, Saz Lockyer and James (or Jimi).

Thank you to all the organisers and volunteers for a great time, brilliant!

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