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Whiskey in the Mornin’

London-born Mike de Velta re-located to Australia at age thirteen, settling on the west coast. It must be the Aussie blood in me, but I’m a sucker for the’Biues’n’Roots’ they serve up over there. ‘Whiskey in the Mornin’ is a couple of years in theĀ  making, and, in my opinion, is well worth the effort.All tentracks are self-penned and with the exception of Dean Wuksta on drums, Mike plays all theinstruments and is on vocals. I’ll elaborate on that, he plays electric/acoustic guitar, lap steel, ukulele,bass, harmonica, then harmonises his own vocals! Recorded in his home studio, this is a collectionof blues-infused songs, from the wailing harp opening on the title track, to opener ‘Nicotine Stain’and ‘Mud and Grime Blues’. Mike canĀ  do a good ballad as well, as ‘Pretty White Lies’ testifies. ‘TheWedding Song ‘ would be a good substitute as a wedding march. The love theme continues on ‘ThisGreat Love’ and the instrumental closer ‘Doorstep to my Heart’. Then there’s the calypso rhythms of ‘Island In The Sun’, with the message that it might be idyllic, but the realities of life still exist! All in all, then, this is a fair representation of blues songs, credit also goes to Mike (is there anything he doesn’t do!) and Paul Yarrow for the artwork/ design. I’m glad to have made contact with Mike,you can as well by visiting
Clive Rawlings

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