Goldfinger Guitar

An arrangement of the soundtrack “Goldfinger” by John Barry. I’ve arranged it slightly differently and created all the tracks with software. This is more of a surf style guitar which was very popular during this era. The guitar is a customised Aria Pro II STG, customised with new electrics and pickups.

Perth Skype Guitar Lessons

All of our lessons are available through Skype while we get through this Covid Pandemic. Still that one on one immediate experience and still very enjoyable. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to jump onboard.

Ukulele Lessons Perth Kenji plays “Something”

What a beautiful day to be at South Beach in Fremantle when I bump into Kenji Kitahara who plays beautifully this rendition of George Harrison’s “Something” on my Ukulele. It was so nice to hear how sweet this Hawaiian Kamaka Ukulele really sounds. Thank you Kenji for a lovely time shared with you and your dog Socks 🙂